Athletes and CBD, a good mix?

Quick answer, YES!  Athletes need fast recovery and relaxation, CBD can give them that. Since the CBD has the same potential benefits as THC but without the psychoactive effects (not affecting their performance).Studies show that CBD helps to relieve pain and inflammation after intense exercise. CBD Does not cause dependence and its legal!Golden Medalists ,Olympics athletes, Boxers and other martial arts practitioners added CBD to their post training routine and are getting amazing results! Hemp is of first necessity to the wealth …

What is CBG?

There are quite a lot of uses for hemp other than recreational use. You’d be surprised how great of a contributor it is in the medical world. Manufacturers are utilizing its relaxing properties in preparing:  Natural anesthetics Muscle relaxants Anxiety relief medicines, and much more.  One of the lesser talked-about cannabinoids is CBG. If you’re into organic wellness, you’ve probably heard this term a few times.  The question is, what does it mean? Firstly, CBG stands for Cannabigerol. So if you want to know more …

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