Don’t Trip- Mushroom Gummies- THC-P+Amanita Muscaria 3500mg 700mg Each 5 Pack

$35.00 or $26.25 / month

Not Intended for Smoking


Don’t Trip- Mushroom Gummies- THC-P+Amanita Muscaria 3500mg 700mg each 5 pack


  • Content: Each package of Don’t Trip Mushroom + THC P Gummies contains 5 gummies, providing a unique blend of Mushroom Extract, Muscimol, Muscarine, and THCp.
  • Potency: With 700mg of Muscimol & Muscarine and 0.5mg of THCp per gummy, each package delivers a total of 3.5g of Mushroom Extract.
  • Taste: Enjoy a gourmet edible experience with the luscious flavors packed in each gummy.
  • Legal Status: These products are Psilocybin-free and are perfectly legal. So, enjoy the trip without any legal worries – as our motto goes, don’t trip, it’s legal.
  • Effect: The unique blend of Muscimol, Muscarine, and THCp can stimulate a series of beneficial effects such as improving sleep quality, promoting mental clarity, and reducing anxiety. These gummies might help in promoting a balanced life by managing stress and even altering dietary preferences. Experience the profound effects with these long-lasting gummies.

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