Fuzzy Melon THCa Diamond Sauce- 2 Gram

Not Intended for Smoking

This is a 2g jar of Hemp Living Fuzzy Melon THCA Diamond Sauce.

Fuzzy Melon, an Indica-dominant hybrid, boasts a tantalizing lineage of Forbidden Fruit and Watermelon Zkittlez, resulting in a strain that lives up to its mouth-watering name. Its potent fruity flavor is well-known, and it offers an invigorating high that’s ideal for mild pain relief and creativity enhancement.

All Hemp Living THCA Diamond Sauce is created using only the purest of extraction methods. The end product offers a premier smoking experience and exceptional high!

THCA Diamonds – 95% THCA, 0.22% Δ9THC

HHC Distillate – 98% HHC, 0% Δ9THC

This product is derived from legal hemp flower and contains less than 0.3% Δ9THC in compliance with the 2018 US Farm Bill


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