Lab Reports

The Importance of Lab Report Testing at Flor Medica

At Flor Medica, we are unwavering in our commitment to providing the highest quality CBD, THC, and Delta-9 products. Our dedication to transparency and safety is evident through our comprehensive lab report testing, a cornerstone of our quality assurance process. Each product undergoes rigorous third-party analysis to verify its purity, potency, and safety, ensuring compliance with industry regulations, such as the 2018 Farm Bill, which mandates thorough testing of hemp-derived products.

This page is dedicated to sharing our detailed lab reports, giving you complete transparency and confidence in our offerings. By adhering to stringent testing protocols, we guarantee that our products are free from harmful contaminants and meet the advertised cannabinoid levels. Our lab reports include cannabinoid profiles, terpene analyses, and screenings for pesticides, heavy metals, and microbial contaminants.

Flor Medica was founded on the principles of quality, integrity, and customer trust. We believe in the transformative potential of plant-based wellness solutions and are committed to providing products that enhance your well-being. Our lab reports are a testament to our pledge of delivering safe, effective, and high-quality products to our valued customers. Trust Flor Medica to be your partner in wellness, knowing that every product you purchase has been meticulously tested and validated.

For more information, please visit the link below to view all of our lab results on products we offer and visit here to explore our range of premium products. Experience the Flor Medica difference today!

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